Monday, 7 September 2015

Back to School for the Girls

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently had some news from Joseph about the girls and how they have spent the summer.
They seem to have had some fun during the school break. They played and they were also given some fun books to read.

Most of the girls got good results at the last term although there are still some needing a bit of encouragement to achieve their best.

Schools re-opened Monday the 31st of August.The girls were happy to get back to School see their friends again. However, 6 of the girls who are in a public school had to stay back at the house as public school teachers are holding a national strike. (they want better pay!!).

This does not mean they are extending their holiday as they are being encourage to revise daily at the house until the strike is resolved.

Joseph and all at the house have been very busy the last couple of weeks in order to make sure the girls have the basic things they need for school.
Another trip to Western Kenya soon to get some maize from Shiro's parents.This is a huge help to feed the girls preparing some local meals. I hope this means Ugali, I love it!!

I have heard the girls are in need of new School uniforms and casual clothes as they are out-growing what they currently have. I hope the money we raise will help.

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