Friday, 1 January 2016

Funds raised in 2015

After some technical issues, I have managed to send the funds collected this past year 2015 to Bethany Village Home.
The amount finally sent was £473 (Nearly $700). You can see on the "Gogetfunding" page the total amount raised was £505. The charges from Gogetfunding are 4% and Paypal charge 5% for receiving the money so total charges from both were £31.8
I tried a while back to look for a fund raising platform that is free but could not find any. This is pretty bizarre and also annoying, I would welcome any advise if any of you know of a truly free fundraising page.
Once the money is received, it will be spent on some of the girls more pressing needs and all will be justified and detailed on this blog and the Facebook page.

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