Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Why am I doing this?

I wanted to explain a bit more why I have decided to bother my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and just about every body I meet these days, with a very small project to raise funds to help an enormously kind and generous couple in Kenya to provide shelter, education and support to a group of sixteen young girls.

I recently read a newspaper column originally published in 2005 that made a reference to Bob Geldof's efforts in 2005 with the Live 8 concerts to focus the world's attention on the G8 conference, taking place at Gleneagles. Perhaps after Live Aid in 1985 he realized he could not make a difference, but he could bring pressure to bear on those who can.

Live Aid raised in 1985 an amount of £79,426,252. The journalist writing the article said how one year after Live Aid he visited Mali and asked some villagers if they had seen any of the money. "No", said one, taking him outside and pointing at the soldiers. "But they all have new guns"

The above may sound a bit frivolous but, apparently, different reports suggest that £6 in every £10 of aid is spent on consultants who work out how the money can be spent and on reports, presumably, into how much those consultants cost.

I have for a long time wanted to make some difference helping directly vulnerable people. Just giving money to large organisations did not satisfy me so when I saw this opportunity on my travels in Africa, I could not resist it.

The money I raise will be spent directly on supporting the house and I will detail costs of items bought, house maintenance expenses, school fees paid...etc 

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