Thursday, 5 November 2015

Just a reminder and update

I can hardly believe it is already a month since the Cardiff Half-marathon. As I already explained, I am planning to keep this initiative open and keep running this year to improve my time in the 2016 half in Cardiff. I have not planned all the races I will do in 2016, before Cardiff but I will update you here as soon as I have some dates and events.

I had some news from Joseph about Bethany House and also some very nice encouraging words from him. The girls are back in school after the teacher's strike and winter is starting.
I wanted to say thank you again to those who have already donated and make another call to those who would like to before I start working with Joseph to decide what are the main things the girls need. I know they already need rain coats and boots. As it has always been my intention, I will coordinate with Joseph what is bought and give details here and on the blog so you see where the money goes and how it helps.

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