Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Challenge continues

The training has not stopped and I need to do more Interval training in particular to increase my pace. I am determined to improve my time next year and drop below the 2 hours I did.
I am motivated and inspired and I will continue with this running challenge to support Bethany Village Africa Home.
I have not consolidated quite yet all the donations but so far it looks like we have about $800. Thank you very much to all who have donated so generously. Those who would like to d...onate and still have not done it, no problem at all as the page for donations will stay open. I will keep updating on running challenges before next year's Half again and I will update on donations received and when I will be able to arrange with Joseph the first action to support the girls at the Home in Nairobi.
I am afraid I am not good at posting on Facebook as things happen so I belatedly include on this post a couple of selfies taken at the end of the race on the 4th of October in Cardiff

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