Friday, 18 September 2015

Nutrition and Preparation

Not only I am learning about social media with this challenge but also a lot about long distance running. One of the things I had not put a lot of thought into is how I need to fuel and hydrate myself to be able to keep running for about two hours.

As part of my training, one of the days I go out running in the week, I try to increase the distance closer to the 21 kms I will have to run on the 4th of October. In the past, when jogging, I have been out running a maximum of about 12 kms so the first time I ran about 18 kms in the evening I understood how important is to build up reserves of carbohydrates as well as drink enough to keep hydrated. After I completed about 10 kms all I could think of was food and a big glass of cold water, the last 8 kms felt very long and when I got back home, I ran straight to the kitchen!

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